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Want in on Our PR List?

We love working with authentic creatives in the industry! But as you can imagine, we receive tons of emails on a daily asking to work with us and our clients. Sometimes it gets a little overwhelming!

To simplify the process, we’ve cooked up this application form for women who love and believe in us, and our clients to fill out and apply for our PR list.

Once approved, you’ll be notified that you’re officially on our PR List and to hang tight for any fitting campaigns that are in the works.

I Want In!

For the social page you linked above, how many subscribers, followers or readers do you have?
This can either be your YouTube Channel, Instagram page or blog! Link us the page you're most proud of! You can add the rest of your social links to the message box below.
We're always looking for models for upcoming campaigns - would this be of interest to you?
So let's be honest here... Are you only willing to do paid collaborations or are you down for product exchange?

Which brands would be most fitting for your page? What are you known for? Be sure to really select the type of brands you know your followers will love (and not think "WTF is she promoting?").

Are there any current clients you know we work with that you'd like to connect with in particular?

If selected for any of our client's campaigns, once you've agreed to the terms and conditions will you hold up your end of the bargain? Have you always been honest with brands you've worked with in the past? Let's be real here, babe! It's just you and I.
Introduce yourself a little bit! Not the generic stuff - we want to know the cool, badass babe you are! Press for Fem is all about helping powerful women in the industry, how can we help each other?
Help us, help you! Where or who'd ya hear us from? We want to grow too.

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